Electric &


Jack Hutchison (carpenter, electrical assistant)

Jack has been with HB since it's beginning.  He has always been there to help out with whenever and with whatever is needed.  He has a background in remodeling and general carpentry.  He has been married for over 40 years and has 2 sons.

Team Members


Bill Scifres (electrician)

Bill came to HB out of retirement to make a little extra spending money and keep his mind in the trade.  Bill usually works one day a week and has a lot of knowledge to pass along to the rest of us.

HB Electric and Construction was a concept started by two friends trying to better themselves and their families financially.   What started out as a goal on their 5-10 year plan, quickly changed as one friend choose a different career path and the other elected to step out on faith and follow his dream to own his own company.  From the beginning, HB Electric and Construction has operated in a manner that treats all customers equally, demands customer satisfaction, and believes in lasting, long term relationships with customers.  


HB Electric and Construction continues to exist based on the relationships we have built with our customers.  While we never want our customers to experience problems, we want HB to be the contractor they call to solve them.    

Company Profile

Lane Dykman (electrician)

Lane comes to HB with 20 years experience in the electrical industry. He enjoys troubleshooting and getting a job done right the first time. He also enjoys the getting to know the customer. He and his wife have 5 kids, a dog, and no free time. 

Jeremy Hutchison (electrician, project manager)

Jeremy has 25 years experience in the electrical trade with the majority being in the service industry.  He worked for the same company for 20 years before following his dreams to be his own boss.  He has been married to the love of his life for 20+ years and has three daughters ranging in age from 14-19.  He enjoys being outdoors, spending time with his family, and helping others.